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When it comes to craps strategy there really isn’t one. And for that matter there really isn’t much strategy at all to any casino game. You have to remember all strategy has really been taken out by the casino. The casino always holds an edge and that is true in craps too.

So now you’re wondering why I made this section to my site. Well as I said there is no real strategy to come away up money every time, there are ways to come away a winner. In my experience fun is the most important thing to have when you are at a casino. I always go into the casino with the intentions of winning. You have to remember this is a source of entertainment. But if you ask me this is the best kind. You are usually with a group of friends having a great time and you have the possibility of winning some money. What entertainment can be better than that? Going to a movie that is going to cost you $30, $10 at the concession stand and $5 in gas, I don’t think so.

Playing craps is a great experience; I’ve played all over the world and have enjoyed every moment of it. I usually start out slow and just stay with the ‘Pass’, ‘Don’t Pass’, ‘Come’, ‘Don’t Come’ bets. Once I have built up a bank roll and am feeling good about myself, I will start betting on numbers when craps is on. This can be a fun way to win as the shooter is trying to roll his ‘Point’ pulling for both him and yourself. Lastly when I am feeling really lucky I will jump on a couple ‘Hard Way’ rolls, just to test out my luck and only when I am feeling lucky.

With craps the excitement is intense. The atmosphere at times is much like a football game, everyone pulling for one side or the other, yelling and screaming and a few high fives. If you are considering craps, I definitely recommend it. You won’t regret it for one moment.
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